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We believe in providing the best quality and most thorough course notes. Also, in order to keep our basic course costs lower than any others you'll find, we will not be providing hard-copy course notes which easily become mis-filed, dog-eared and borrowed.

As the most effective way to learn Excel is to get down to it yourself with the keyboard and mouse, all our course notes are provided as working example Excel files on CDROM or diskette - whichever you prefer.

We'll document each of the topics covered, with all of the specific areas : providing the examples we worked on during the day, with fully-documented explanations, in plain English rather than the sometimes-bewildering helpfiles language. Also included will be a larger working spreadsheet that illustrates all of the topics we covered during the day to show how they can interact and augment each other to form a quality spreadsheet. All of the examples will have their own worksheet, properly indexed and already formatted to print, should you prefer to have hard-copy printouts for reference.

To view examples of our Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert levels course notes,
left-click on the Excel icon below, or right-click to download and save it:

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