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Our training courses, both MS Excel spreadsheets and MS Excel VBA (macros), provide for bookings from a single person up to a group of 12 people. We'll endeavour not to split up a group from a single company or organisation, although this may mean a group ends up in one of the training rooms we use that only holds 4, 6 or 8 people rather than the standard 12 people. Obviously, with only 4 people from a single company or organisation on the course, in a room that only holds 4 delegates you will be effectively receiving a day's-worth of private training, rather than the standard 12-delegate training course.

Should this happen, we will not charge you any extra.

With our standard courses set at up to 12 delegates, this could mean, for example: 4 delegates from ABC Company; 3 delegates from DEF Organisation; another 4 delegates from GHI Business Products and a single delegate from the Association of Chemical Engineers making up the 12 delegates.

If you'd prefer to not share the course with delegates from other organisations and would like a private 4-delegate, 6-delegate or 8-delegate room solely for your organisation, please feel free to contact us to discuss costs and timings. The costs for this type of private tuition will be higher, although the extent of one-to-one training will be greatly enhanced. Obviously, with bookings of 12 delegates, the costs will remain the same as stated on our home page, with no extra charge.

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